It’s time to ACT! Accountability - Community - Transparency


Fiscal Integrity 
  • Increase internal and external accountability of the County’s resources from its appropriations and allocations to its expenses, from its capital assets to its liabilities. Institution of performance measures that ensure efficient and effective use of government resources.

  • Ensure that the County’s books are in order according to generally accepted accounting principles vs standards.

  • Employ public educational programs to demystify government operations and accounting making information understandable and accessible to all citizens of Rockdale.


Strategic Economic Development
  • Pursue and enhance the partnerships that make Community work for all of us – not just the privileged few.

  • Ensure that our workforce is ready for the 21st Century job market. Strengthen our current employer base while attracting new businesses that complement and enhance Rockdale’s future as THE place in metropolitan Atlanta to live, work, play and worship.

  • Encourage smart growth and economic development that provides the goods and services that the community wants and needs to be healthy and vibrant.

  • Work with our Public Health infrastructure to increase access and decrease barriers to quality, affordable healthcare to all the citizens of Rockdale.

  • Work to ensure all citizens in Rockdale are at the table regarding the decisions that affect all of us.


Communication and Engagement 
  • I believe that the government belongs to the people and believe the government needs to do a better job showing it.

  • Open government to increased taxpayer and citizen participation through increase education, understanding and access to information.

  • Establish policies that will increase communication regarding public projects and seek and encourage public input on those decisions affecting our quality of life and our pocket books.

  • Establish metrics to gauge the County’s performance on key operational and community quality of life measures and report regularly to the public regarding our successes as well as areas needing attention and improvement.

We Are Better Together


My commitment to Rockdale County is real, ACCOUNTABLE, COMMUNITY focused, and TRANSPARENT.  Together, we will put integrity back into the Chairmanship of Rockdale County Board of Commissioners. It is time to A.C.T. with Katrina!

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