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Coronavirus Update

Katrina has ordered the suspension of all public campaign activities until further notice due to the Coronavirus Outbreak. We have launched a new page on our website to provide important information to the public from credible sources regarding the outbreak and our government and community's responses to this pandemic. The information provided is to also ensure that the spread of misinformation is slowed down like the pandemic. All of the sources provided update their information as new information becomes available and we will provide additional credible sources to this list as they are made known to us. Above all, we, as a connected and interdependent community, need to take this threat seriously and govern ourselves appropriately. Limit social interactions whenever possible. Do not assemble with more than 10 people. Wash your hands frequently and be cognizant of face touching by your hands and limit as much as possible. And finally, social distancing is the best way to control the spread of this disease. Stand at least six feet away from others and limit family gatherings. Keep the elderly (over the age of 60) and individuals with compromised immunity or pre-existing medical conditions that make them more susceptible to infections, as isolated physically as possible. Use technology to keep in touch with loved ones to help them stay safe and to keep them as mentally calm and secure as possible. Visit our Virus Update Page ( frequently to learn about the state of the pandemic, national and local responses and what you can do to be of assistance to others while we all deal with the significant disruption of our normal daily lives.


We Are Better Together


My commitment to Rockdale County is real, ACCOUNTABLE, COMMUNITY focused, and TRANSPARENT.  Together, we will put integrity back into the Chairmanship of Rockdale County Board of Commissioners. It is time to A.C.T. with Katrina!

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