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Katrina McCollum Young announces candidacy for Rockdale Commission Chair post

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

CONYERS — Current Rockdale County Board of Education Chairwoman Katrina McCollum Young recently filed to run for chair of the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners.

McCollum Young, a Rockdale County native, recently served as the president of the statewide Georgia School Boards Association in addition to leading Rockdale Public Schools.

“My service has always been about creating the best Rockdale County I can for our children, families, seniors, visitors, residents and businesses. I was raised here and want Rockdale County to be a place where you can afford to live and work.”

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My commitment to Rockdale County is real, ACCOUNTABLE, COMMUNITY focused, and TRANSPARENT.  Together, we will put integrity back into the Chairmanship of Rockdale County Board of Commissioners. It is time to A.C.T. with Katrina!

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